About Living Andy


My name is Faith. Some may know me from my poetry/writing-based blog Faith Taryn Davies: A Writer Exists Here. If you haven’t read any of my creative works, please feel free to check it out. However, we are not here for creative works, although some creative works will be showcased. This is, hopefully, going to be something more.

This blog was created out of a conversation that resulted in my discussing my sexuality, my gender, and the realization that those with whom I was speaking were severely lacking in education and understanding of both. I even struggled to find the words to explain my thoughts and feelings, and cursory research doesn’t reveal too many people speaking about personal experiences. So, here I am, almost 19 years after I first started exploring my sexuality and gender, once again embarking on an unknown path.

I plan to explore sex, sexuality, gender identity, and what it feels like living within a subsect of the LGBT+community, as well as mental health, and my interactions with those within my life as they pertain (or don’t pertain, if my mood calls for it) to gender and identity. I’m not an expert by any means, but I do have a fair amount of education (both academic and life) regarding varying topics. I will answer questions to the best of my ability. I do not claim to know all; however, as an androgyne, pansexual person, I am aware of what I feel, what those terms mean, and how it impacts my life.

Like my 12-year-old self, I’m nervous; yet, unlike her, I am also excited. She didn’t know who they would turn out to be. I’m happy for them, because their feelings finally have a voice. Their voice. My voice. And I know I am not alone. So let’s get to it.

Welcome to the party.